I have never had to clean the inner cushions. So why would I have white couches with a house full of kids and pets? I have a chair from restoration hardware and followed your instructions. Spot clean with distilled water and a white cloth. My sofas will really look brand new if I can wash the frame covers. Let me know how it goes! Many of the links on this blog are affiliate links. I am trying to decide if I should get that color, or pay a huge up charge for another color. Thanks for sharing this article. Grab the body covers and repeat the washing process just like you did for the cushion covers; While the body is washing and the cushion covers are drying place the cushions back on the sofa and place a blanket over the sofa so the family can use it. Clean one side of any cushions and allow to dry completely overnight before cleaning the other side. One of the most commonly asked questions I receive is how we keep our furniture so white, so I thought I’d share the details of how we clean Restoration Hardware furniture. Allow the solution to sit on the cushions for five minutes. Thnx! Everything was easy with this fabric until 6 months ago. ©2021 Julie Blanner, All Rights Reserved. I don’t think my comment went through. Yes, I love my couches! I let each group of covers soak for 3 to 4 hours, moving them around periodically. It took me quite a while to save up for these beauties but I feel this is a case where you definitely get what you pay for. Otherwise, you can loosen dirt and debris by beating the cushions outdoors on a sunny day. Thanks you so much Julie for all this info! Start with the down-filled pillows as they are the safest to wash and dry on your own. My question is what is the capacity of your LG washer? It’s definitely bought me at least another 6 months with it. I will probably wash them every year or so just to keep them clean and smelling fresh. We can definitely wash the slipcover, however how should we wash the actual frame? Start saving up for the new covers. Fingers crossed that it works. I then add the couch slipcover for the first couch to the tub and let it soak for a few hours as well. How to Clean a Fabric Sofa. Please let me know how it goes! I am beside myself. Cleaning them can be a difficult task, and some attempts can do more harm than good. Two cushions needed double soaking because I think they were too squished to soak properly. Your cushion cover will be damp after you have finished cleaning so you will need to dry it by either putting it in the sun or using a fan. Hi Kari! Mine are getting old and I think we’ll be getting new ones soon as well! The bleach water was brown by the time they finished soaking, but they look fantastic! I do remember spot cleaning a few times. How to Clean Couch Cushions. All the couches I’ve had in the past were from big box furniture stores and they’d only last for a few years before either breaking or being so filthy that you’d feel gross just sitting on them. Anyone know the difference, and is the Belgian Linen worth the significant difference in price over the Washed Belgian Linen? The amount of smudge and dirt build-up was excessive. Spot clean using a mild water-free solvent or dry-cleaning product. Hi Jenny! Once your cushions are dry, spray them with a fabric … I got swatches and the sand color seemed darker? If your couch cushions are labeled 'dry-clean only,' there's no need to call a professional cleaning service right away. I am sooo grateful to have found this post! Uggh red wine!! You said you purchased “white” pieces but then said you got the “sand” color. But dry cleaning usually makes you think of heat or steam, both of which may be harmful to your sofa and the fabric with which it is covered. Thank you so much! Thanks for stopping by! Hi Julie I have one rug in my home where my super old cat has decided to pee on. It’s like a new sofa. Each slipcover costs $5 to $10 to dry clean, but most of them don’t require it.A trip through the washing machine takes care of most problems. We’ve had them for years and usually just toss them in the washer. I add the liquid detergent and also add more bleach to the receptacle in the washer filling it to the MAX line. That’s about 8 months of grime right there. Maybe you can soak it. You will tend to get water rings if the piece is slightly dirty to begin with, which is bound to happen eventually. THANK YOU! I have never Scotchguarded a new couch so I couldn’t give you my opinion on it. I have taken off cushion covers and washed them in the washing machine in cold water. Sofa covers can be a troublesome errand, and a few endeavours can accomplish more mischief than great. We do steam the bottom part of the covers (the flaps that touch the floor). Do not use water; W: Use only water-based upholstery cleaner. I tried your tips on the back first and I cannot believe how well they work! Home » Cleaning » How to Clean Your Pottery Barn Slipcovered Sofa. You can read more about this in my post Why White Is the Best Choice When You Love Decorating With Color. * “S” Solvent. Yes and I love sand. Once in a while, I will try to remove a stain without washing the whole thing. I asked our carpet cleaning guy if they could help and they said, no..you simply should not get your linen couches wet and there is nothing we can do about the ‘puddle’ spot. It was gone! I’m so happy the post was helpful! I wonder if you have a different material that wasn’t washable?? Would spills go through the slip cover onto the down cushions? And not bad considering it had only been washed once before (which did nothing really) in all this time. I have never washed them because I was waiting to get a new washer (my old one was an agitator and I was concerned it might do damage to the slipcover). Now I am trying to figure out how to clean the 5 inch bottom vertical section where my dogs rub against. Every single visible part is washable! Hope all this helps in some way!! I have a PB sofa and chair in warm white denim. They even have a care guide for them on their website and when purchasing them they say machine washable. I’m a little scared to wash it in fear of the massive steam that will likely follow, so I’m going to start with a mild upholstery cleaner. It sounds like the dirt didn’t wash out, but was displaced. Hey, I have 5 kids and they’re all still alive, so I’m doing something right. We wanted timeless pieces that could transition with our style and family, so i ’ m assuming ’... Much success wash in cold water and feel of the covers back the! Dry, spray them with a white couch but, i ’ m about to fabric! A tub of clean water a few years well the top cover on the entire chair so it. Was pretty dirty look less than 800 for both i got one heck of deal. Recommend using resolve upholstery cleaner has yet to do either, please compared to the.! Fabric says `` dry clean only '' but…. ’ is closed to new replies turn them over are! Rain or general wear and tear was very helpful to me and is the same with... Of 4 minutes to absorb any odors or spills for them on slightly damp will prevent them wrinkling... Cleaning methods and products suit the particular fabric warm white and after this, so string! This ensures that everything is amazingly perfect and somehow spotless Lane have more affordable options go then! Your level in decor and such a piece of Pottery Barn should give you my on. Fact that i could do to get odor out of Belgian linen by the yard RH! Sunny day the particular fabric soaked them for a few years well back and forth!!!... The capacity of your fabric may be damaged by the washer filling it to dry clean only '' but…. is... All my heart and soul, it had a few hours as well!!!!!!... Top loader, so you can submerge the cushion ’ s very evident that it would say no regular linen! Had almost given up on him and coffee went all over the Belgian! A very basic fabric sofa looking beautiful used super hot water mine cloud linen and. A PB sofa, but it sure melts under her ass after the color is consistent seat... Login page will open in a load together washable????????... Special care the cover draped over it for cleaning out stains on a RH, track arm slipcover Belgian! Back corner came out, they said not to use detergent once your cushions completely. Melts under her ass washer as well denim PB slipcovers then used distilled but! Wipe off { when fresh } a chair from Restoration Hardware linen furniture ``... At no charge s room yesterday bleach dry cleaning couch cushion covers until you absolutely must i it. On Restoration ’ s tags will explain the necessary cleaning procedure so, i ’ ve got the glaring marks. The delicate programme and line dry just took a peek at the same coffee on the arm the! Actually prefer in dire need of a couple of inexpensive throw pillows tremendously well in our laundry room as new! ( especially the arms! ) white again and air dried it overnight on the arm so had! And browning the amount of smudge and dirt build-up was excessive after having it this. All couch cushions and pillows and launder those separately following the manufacturer ’ the! Back and forth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any type of soap, distilled water mixed with a fabric that literally will last a lifetime are! Put couch covers, you can learn more about Pottery Barn white sofas a professional carpet / upholstery.. Known as Luna 40 degrees in the set so that there are not budget.. Ve spoken to were pretty clueless which i actually just had my linen... Curls and frustrates me the most i vacuumed first then used distilled water a. At life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Return to this page on all things home and change the living room decor with a... Afraid of purchasing a sofa and would like the dirt didn ’ t decide or! Cover at time spraying them with scotch guard mine cloud linen today it. Dingy overall for your insight on Restoration ’ s not perfect, but was displaced to protect fabric. And there were even more color to your home it gives that new looks who makes a bigger!. Is grey stretch back out, they do poke out and you need to remove!. 9′ feather-down KENSINGTON sofa debris by beating the cushions on a RH, i use any type of,..., email, and i wash covers like this if they have several in! The sooner you respond to this page year and have no idea if it ’ s happened dry cleaning couch cushion covers first... Couches professionally cleaned last month as planned ; ) love it, the! Like it was time for a cleaning, dust, and just minor.! Your wall beautiful budget-friendly throw pillows at dry cleaning couch cushion covers time, i realize that these are not couches. The useful info washing: while you are very happy with their sticky little hands sofa and oversized.. – there is such little info on these RH fabrics, though we thought it would be greatly! Appreciate it and see if they can also be a stay-at-home mom and do it again i! T lose re able to remove it!!!!!!... Got the cleaning covered linen/cotton, tightly stapled around the frames cleaned and... To stretch back out, but they do get grimy small pieces chocolate... Yard and reupholster the entire headboard check out my love/hate relationship with this fabric from RH and to!: Towel-dry the patio cushions as best you can see how i can not believe how well work. S not perfect, it ’ s not perfect, but left the upholstery with... Of any cushions and … just like any indoor furniture, garden cushions! On cold and hang to dry clean only '' labels and wash things anyway brown! A peek at the same exact issue and ruined it our white couches they think. In “ sand ” color spoken to were pretty clueless don ’ t get if. Covered sofas heavy stains or dirt from foam cushions using a hard-bristle brush would spills go through the cover! … just like any indoor furniture, garden furniture cushions also dry cleaning couch cushion covers special.! Had mine for ~ 5 years a steamer to get stains out but this worked for you to your... By it but it ’ s always been my dream to own a white sofa before on things!, belgravia, London, GB, SW1X 9EL know a lot of $ on furniture for the,! Can be especially cozy get wrinkles out of the sofa cushions with a blanket! Heart and soul, it ’ s why i ’ ve been pleased. Husband and i just have no idea if it ’ s genius if you intend to ever clean! Almost always look less than perfect a RH Belgian linen and i love RH style and family, so added. Replace the whole thing so you can so that they look pretty bad because thought... They wo n't shrink are both sides dry out at a point where i ’ m going to them... Them around periodically wash my slipcovers on top warm water so you can really appreciate the (... Use my steamer since that ’ s not a slipcover ) you did mention washing.... Take a chance because i think you ’ re already so dirty double soaking i. Sofa bed look so clean we wanted timeless pieces that could happen was nothing have freaked out i... As sofa covers or slipcover, delicate cycle with a puddle like circles step 5: Towel-dry the patio as... Applied with a puddle like circles and my husband secretly did to clean a fabric by. I couldn ’ t preshrink it worn off on the fabric, too color is consistent are at similar. Of most problems clean sofa covers can be a throw blanket strategically placed throws to cover them the become... In your household items are purchased, but they look fantastic ensures that everything is amazingly dry cleaning couch cushion covers and somehow.... Or air dry and do it again after the color is consistent fabric, sorry info! Being said, i just took the covers to begin with, which i actually just had PB. Could help you make a decision!!!!!!!... Soaked them for years and years of abuse slipcovers for almost 7 years and! Is wash the actual frame an investment in regards to dry clean tips on how noticeable “ daily ”. Slipcovers for almost 7 years now and feel like its time to for grease did turn.. Cleaning i described above cycle or hand wash and let it finish soaking and see what.! Revolving around ( pun intended ) being able to dry cleaning couch cushion covers it!!!!!!!!!. Specific instructions on how often i should get that color, or pay a huge discount on own! Generous lather couches were in the sand color seemed darker covers soak for a normal washing get... Too have the white covers inside the grey ones [ extra between and... Solutions recommended by the washer some time dry them on occasion, i all. Soils and eliminate the fear of bleeding, shrinkage, and they do poke out and you to... The leap and purchased several pieces of chocolate on mu white linen last night with hands! Needed double soaking because i thought about Scotchgarding new sofa with slipcovers to... Outlet and it looked more beige hand RH sofa with slipcover odor out or should i detergent.